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Smart Industrial Protocols IoT Vertical Kit (Australia Version)

Smart Industrial Protocols IoT Vertical Kit AU Version

Price $4.00
220V - USB

Price $6.00
Battery Connector with Crimp Cables

Battery connector with crimp cables

Price $7.00
NO2 Sensor

Price $27.00
DB9 Probe

The DB9 Probe is used to connect to the desired Industrial Protocol. This option makes the connection on industrial environments or outdoor applications easier.

Price $33.00
Conductivity Calibration Kit K=0.1

Conductivity Calibration Kit K=0.1

Price $37.00
Conductivity Calibration Kit K=1

With this Calibration kits visual platform you will able to measure 5 parameters and control the most of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, oxidation reduction, and pH.

Price $37.00
Conductivity Calibration Kit K=10

Conductivity Calibration Kit K=10

Price $37.00
Soil Temperature Sensor (DS18B20) - P&S

Soil Temperature (DS18B20) Sensor

Price $39.00