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SensorInsight Industrial Weather Kit LoRaWAN - Add a Node

SensorInsight Industrial Weather Kit LoRaWAN - Add a Node

This kit includes 1 free year of SensorInsight software subscription.
Price $4,000.00
Supplier: SensorInsight

Product Code: SI-IWLW-ADD


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This kit provides comprehensive real-time weather information in a compact package. This industrial Solid-State weather station includes 12 weather parameters to keep you informed of local conditions on your farm or business. Traditional weather stations are cluttered, complicated and frustrating to install and maintain. Wiring and programming all of the components can be frustrating, and finding room to mount everything can be a challenge. SensorInsight's all-in-one weather station kit solves many of these problems by providing a comprehensive industrial weather station that is easy to install and use. Our kits come with integrated communication modules. Out of the box weather kits are configured to use 4G or LoRaWAN which can provide several kilometers of transmission capability under normal conditions. For agriculture solutions, the weather station allows us to provide important information such as Degree Growing Days and Evapotranspiration calculations from conditions as they occur in the field. Kits send data to the SensorInsight for Agriculture Platform, so you can log in and view your data or start working with your agriculture advisors to better understand your environmental and growing conditions. SensorInsight for Software Platform is built from the ground up to provide cost effective data solutions for your environment.
  • Weather Stations come pre-configured to measure the following parameters:
    • air temperature
    • relative humidity
    • vapor pressure
    • barometric pressure
    • wind speed and direction
    • solar radiation
    • lightning